For Muriel (feat. Offfocus)

Here’s a fun track from fanne, Shi, Offfocus, and me:

Hope you like it as much as I do. And as always, thanks for listening.

If you’re a musician yourself: please join us and have fun at Wikiloops!

P.S.: a bit of background to this song:

For fanne, Muriel was his crush in high school, with unbelievably clear green eyes as he wrote in his template track. For others, it was the most beautiful girl in their grade school class (read all of this on fanne’s template track). Then Shi came and took it to the next level with her awesome story-telling lyrics. For me? Yes, there were Muriels in each school grade, in my class in primary school I had even two of them in the same class, one blonde, one with dark hair. I never took notice of them until my parents and teachers found out that I’m short-sighted. So I got a prescription and my first glasses – and fell in love with both girls.

Maybe it’s these stories which make the track so lovely… and of course Shi, and fanne’s wonderful composition, with Pat (Offfocus) on top 🙂

Thanks for reading.