Hagelslag & Donata Jan

Hagelslag” is a Dutch word for “sprinkles“, as the German Wikipedia explained it to me. And it’s also the name of a band, which is new and fresh, and I simply love what they’re doing – do we have something like a European Snarky Puppy here? (Edit, from one day later: no; after listening a bit more to them, they’re no Snarky – far from it. But they’re Hagelslag, and I still like what they do)Their arrangements are surely clever, and they’re cool and groovy – listen:

Hagelslag – Don’t Think Just Groove | Live IdeenExpo 2017

Saw one of theirs yesterday already, and in that video they’re in Hervé Jeanne’s studio (the bass player of the late Roger Cicero and others), accompanied by Donata Jan and four other great singers:

D Room Session Vol. 1 – Hagelslag feat. Donata Jan – Living a Lie

Like I wrote above: young, fresh, innovative, and groovy like no others – love it. I’m sure we’ll hear some more of these young ladies & gentlemen.

Hope you liked this as much as I did… and as always, thanks for reading / viewing / listening.