Hagelslag & Donata Jan

Hagelslag” is a Dutch word for “sprinkles“, as the German Wikipedia explained it to me. And it’s also the name of a band, which is new and fresh, and I simply love what they’re doing – do we have something like a European Snarky Puppy here? (Edit, from one day later: no; after listening a bit more to them, they’re no Snarky – far from it. But they’re Hagelslag, and I still like what they do)Their arrangements are surely clever, and they’re cool and groovy – listen:

Hagelslag – Don’t Think Just Groove | Live IdeenExpo 2017

Saw one of theirs yesterday already, and in that video they’re in HervĂ© Jeanne’s studio (the bass player of the late Roger Cicero and others), accompanied by Donata Jan and four other great singers:

D Room Session Vol. 1 – Hagelslag feat. Donata Jan – Living a Lie

Like I wrote above: young, fresh, innovative, and groovy like no others – love it. I’m sure we’ll hear some more of these young ladies & gentlemen.

Hope you liked this as much as I did… and as always, thanks for reading / viewing / listening.