WordPress 5, Gutenberg, and Twenty Nineteen…

Ok, I’ll simply start writing here in a normal “paragraph” as they called it now, and then add some other stuff. Like for instance an image:

Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass Fretless

Or “custom html”:

Here I’ll insert a link to Zuleikha’s page. It should open in a new tab or window…

Next will be a Flickr photo:

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2018

What else do we have? A “classic block”, whatever that might be…:

Aaahh, looks like an embedded mini version of the former editor which is now called “classic”…

Then comes a “heading”:

Ok. H4 here.

Then, a “gallery”…

Or a “list”:

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • many…

Finally, a quote:

don’t waste time it’s prime

© marmotte
Lyrics: Sistahood

Ok, enough for now. There are many more “blocks” which you could add, but let’s see how it all turns out in its default form…

Ciao for now…