… and now it *did* happen …

I was thinking loudly about photography gear end of October because someone over at Imaging Resource wrote about benefits of ‘crop’ sensor cameras, meaning those with a sensor smaller than 24x36mm. And my resumée was that if my camera died today I’d probably just go and get its successor, or a Pen-F.

And since yesterday my camera is dead. I tried several batteries, and with or without lenses, but the thing just doesn’t properly switch on anymore.

I took a photo with Mitchie’s E-M5 Mk2 yesterday, which is a pretty camera, lots faster than my first generation E-M10 was, and it’s weather sealed. So should I get that one instead, while my heart would still choose a Pen-F? Here’s someone who has both:

After watching this, and seeing those breath taking black & whites from the Pen-F, for me the choice is pretty clear. And yes, I know, shoot raw and do the b&w conversions later – but there’s more to life than time spent in front of your computer…

I think I’ll just jump for the Pen-F. That back LCD focus point moving while looking through its viewfinder (without touching your nose against it), and those gorgeous black and whites directly out of camera, that’s just my cup of tea. Yes, it’s expensive. And yes, for video, or for taking photos in the rain, Mitchie’s E-M5 Mk2 is the better one. Still… for me, this is the modern day Leica (especially with those Panasonic built but Leica branded lenses), and if you compare a Pen-F to those German rangefinders, then the Olympus is a steal.

And yes, I also know that these days you could get a cheap “full frame” for the same amount of money. But I wouldn’t want to carry any of these around (except maybe, a Leica M. But I’d rather buy a car than a Leica).

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Wolfgang,
    Are you not worried by the sudden death of the e-m10?
    I mean, how many years did you have it? Did the electronics just went off?
    Can this happen to the pen-f just like that?
    My e-pl1 died in a similar way two years ago and i bought the e-m10.
    I am curious about what you will eventually buy.

    1. Hi Nestor,

      yes I’m curious about the reason – so I contacted Olympus, and the camera will be sent to them today for inspection. This and a cost estimate are free (except shipping it to them, the shipping back is also on Olympus) – and they will then wait on my decision if I want it repaired or not. The camera is about 3 years and 8 months in my possession, so about 4 years old I guess. I’ll post another article on my decision later. Thanks for your comment.

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