Two Suns, feat. JMB65 on bass

This time I tried myself on a mixing job. While preparing a track in Ardour, other people did uploads of that same track already, and so in the end I just used HD tracks (single instruments which were there already) to just mix a song. And here is my result (for now, could still be changed later):

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

List of musicians, with one missing:

Who is missing here is JMB65 who played his bass on another branch of the same track, and it’s currently not possible to just draw someone in. So I mentioned him in the track title, and thanks to a great bass player from Munich; I’ve heard lots of good tracks from him already!

Drums could be a bit louder, suggested Oliv? Have to listen again tomorrow, and maybe he’s right, as he usually would be.

Until then, thanks for reading, and for listening! Comments appreciated if you like to!

Good night…

Edit: Before I forget it, and to document it, or in case somebody would ask, my channel strips for this mix looked like this (and my own “Bass” track wasn’t even used):

As you see, pre master fader the voice went up to 0dB at some point, everything else was lower. The reverb at -30dB was quasi non-existent, all it did at this setting was to give just a hint of warmth and volume to the voice, as did the slight compression I used on it.

Thanks again for your interest. And *now* I’ll call it a day…