Sant Andreu Jazz Band

Look at this live interpretation of Jobim’s “Triste”:

This is the Sant Andreu Jazz Band from Barcelona, Spain, and its founder/leader/director Joan Chamorro plays the double bass in this piece (I think he also plays the saxophone). Here’s the preview of a feature film about his music school, which doesn’t seem to be available at the moment (so I put it on my Amazon list):

On the band’s own blog you can see more videos, and also their touring schedule. I would definitely visit a nearby concert should they ever give one.

Of course they play mostly standards. But wow. Just wow. And bravo Joan and colleagues, this is a fabulous concept which I also will show to our local school here (partly I did already).

Here’s another one – these kids (and their teachers) are simply too good to be missed:

Thanks for reading, and for watching.