The cool cats from the loops – Hit singles

From Wiktionary:


cool cat (plural cool cats)

(idiomatic) A person who performs or appreciates jazz, especially one whose style of speech and movement is relaxed and rhythmic. quotations ▲
1966 August 5, “Jazz: Fatha Knows Best,” Time (retrieved 7 Jan 2018):

Step up and take a look at the U.S.’s latest secret weapon. A hot missile? No, a cool cat—Earl (“Fatha”) Hines, jazz pianist nonpareil.

2004 October 19, “Let’s swing the vote,” Independent (UK) (retrieved 7 Jan 2018):

In 1964, Dizzy Gillespie ran for the US presidency on an anti-racism, pro-bebop platform. Sholto Byrnes looks back on the very brief political career of one very cool cat.

(idiomatic) An individual who is at ease and self-assured; one who is calm and composed in interactions with others. quotations ▼

Usage notes

Sometimes used in the expanded form one cool cat.

I’ve just compiled my first album on Wikiloops. This one contains only tracks from others, without any contributions by myself. Still these are favourites of mine, and deserve to be heard. If you like that album, you can download it, and burn it onto a real CD to play it in your car or wherever. Looks like this:

Clicking this image will open a new tab or window of your browser to bring you to the album’s page on the ‘loops.

Oh, and that photo shows Tuna of course (who is a cool cat herself). See it on Flickr if you wish.

Thanks for reading and listening. Enjoy!