Being on Facebook, without being on Facebook

I’ve tried Facebook, even twice. But I decided two times already that it’s just too noisy, and not really for me, so I deleted my account there for the second time already. Not easy, since everyone seems to assume that just everyone else is on FB as well (and their links keep bugging you to rejoin again), but ok – I can do without.

Still I found this lately:

Obviously someone over at Wikiloops liked my first upload that much that he (or she) said so on FB – and I’m kind of touched about the mentioning of “wjl’s debut track” – which is of course based upon the awesome work of others (OliVBee from France, moonchild from the USA, and Liesching from Germany). And I agree, that piece is magic – that’s why I chose it as my first one there.

You can scroll down (backwards in time) on this blog for it, or you can listen to “Eternally” on Wikiloops if you wish.

So thanks to Dick, Baer, Richard or whoever posted this (OliVBee? Shi? Just guessing) – it means a lot; thanks again!

To everyone here, thanks for reading. And maybe for listening.