An own remix

Today I did my first own remix of a song on Wikiloops to which I had previously contributed already. After receiving an HD file from Joe, who made the template for the song, I had all the parts together – and played in the bass again, since I wasn’t 100% happy with it anyway. So here’s my newer version of the song:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

Musicians’ list is the same as before, tho now I have “bass” and “mixer” as instruments:

I used an equalizer on Joe’s acoustic guitar for instance, to make it a bit less “boomy” (also, low cuts help with the general mix later):

And this is the track window before I recorded my bass again, together with an instrument tuner, an Ampeg SVT amplifier & cab simulation, and a compressor (I used a multi-band compressor on Shi’s voice as well, which you cannot see here):

Thanks for listening.