Photos from October 23 to 25

On Monday, I took these:


New neighbours – not only in the garage


Jasitl – just another selfie in the lift…

Yesterday I went to a check-up in a hospital:


Universitäts Klinikum Frankfurt
Haus 23 (Zentralgebäude), von innen

University Clinic Frankfurt
Goethe University
House 23 (Central Building), from inside

When I was back at home, Mitchie took some photos of Tuna & me:


Tuna and Wolfgang, October 2017


“Ja, ich lieb Dich auch!” – “Yes, I love you, too!”

And since I’m using my film camera again, I also tried the “grainy film art filter” of my digital E-M10 camera yesterday and today:


Tuna the cat, October 2017


Carpet on wooden floor


Frankfurt, with cloudy sky

What I see is the following: these last three pictures may look ok or even good here, maybe even on the preview on Flickr. But when you see them in their original size (also on Flickr if you’re interested), you’ll see that there’s indeed a lot of artificial “grain” – which doesn’t look like film grain at all.

Which means that when/if I want a film look, I should probably use film, and not any of my “digicams”. Don’t know how realistic a digital Pen-F would be, and maybe a Fuji with their Acros simulation is way better – but this here ain’t film. Even Silver Efex Pro2 is much better, tho with that one you also have to tweak the output to come close to film on paper.

This was Sfx with an Ilford HP5+ simulation, from 11 days ago:


Tuna the cat, October 2017, resting after a walk out in 20 degrees, with black & white film simulation

Also no real film, but much closer to it.

Anyway, thanks for reading and viewing.