Some photos from September, so far

Beginning of September, Zuleikha and her friend Nikoleta wanted to sell some old toys and stuff on a local flea market. Here are two photos I took on that day:



Other than that, I used my wide angle lens a lot. 14mm on a ยต43rds camera is like 28mm used to be on film, and that’s commonly considered good for landscapes or cloudscapes like in the following example:


But you can even take portraits with a wide angle lens, like this one of Tuna:


A wide angle lens is also good to get some “perspective” on smaller things, like for instance this bird feeder:


The wind always throws (and blows) away that bird feeder from the wall, so I took it back in. This photo is from today, but with a 45mm lens instead of the wide angle:


Oh, and I’ve got a haircut this month. Here’s a photo – or rather two, mounted together as one – which Zuleikha took with the E-PL5 camera and the 14-42mm “kit” zoom lens:


Thanks kiddo, for the nice portrait!

And that’s all for the moment. But the month isn’t over yet…

Thanks for viewing.


Another one from today – Tuna the cat, dozing in the twilight:


Thanks for viewing.