Many thanks, Prof. Dr. Andreas Kissenbeck!

I’m following Andreas’ Youtube channel ‘creating your own music‘ since a while, and I can really recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about music theory. He explains it so that you can really understand the stuff, no matter what previous knowledge you might have.

But there’s more. The professor seems to be a really really nice guy as well. Yesterday I was watching his talk on ‘Exploring Harmony for Jazz Improvisation‘, and all of a sudden he made a remark like:

“I transcribed Cory Henry’s solo from the Snarky Puppy video ‘We like it here’…”

– and that stopped my right there. Couldn’t believe it; that solo starts at around 4:20 minutes in the following video, and lasts pretty much to the end of the song, which is at 10:44 or so. Wow. Look and listen:

So on Andreas’ channel I wrote how amazing that is – just imagine the amount of work he did, with transcribing each single note of what Cory played there! And, curiously, I asked if I could have that transcription.

And guess what Andreas replied, in German? Something like “sure, drop me an email and I’ll send it”.


Thanks Andreas! As a kind of reward, I’ve put your first two books on my wishlist, and I’m pretty sure that once I have these, I want the next ones as well!

Andreas’ homepage is here; go have a look if you’re interested in a good and nice music teacher.

So, thanks again, Prof. Dr. Andreas Kissenbeck!

P.S. (Update from Wednesday, 3rd of May, 2017):

Andreas sent me an email with the transcriptions – and after reading this blog entry, he wants to emphasize that he didn’t do the work all alone – but he corrected a single-note transcription of Cory’s solo, and added the chords which were played. So double kudos to Andreas for being nice and honest. Cannot wait to hear him play with his own band