And now – something for the bassists

Here are two very basic but nonetheless useful lessons for beginning bass players. The first one talks about the two most common mistakes done by slap players, the second deals with the single most important thing to learn. Oh, and the example music is great as well; in the second it’s “Autumn Leaves” again. Look and listen if you’re interested:

Scott is doing this for a living, apart from being a session musician – so if you need that kind of advice from a real working pro, consider to join (and pay) him for what he does.

Oh, and his mentioning of “scales and arpeggios” reminded me of a must-see movie especially for musicians. So the following two are from Aristocats, and remember: you have to practise your scales and you arpeggios before you can even try thinking about performing the second one:

Yeah. Cool cats they are. Enjoy.