Enrique Granados y Campiña

A wonderful piece of his, this Danzas Españolas Op. 37 – No. II Oriental:

The artists are Duo Françaix – Isabella Selder and Eliška Lenhartová, more about the composer on the English and German Wikipedia pages about him. You can also find free scores for 2 guitars and the original one for piano. Oh, and the video was recorded at Siccas Guitars, Karlsruhe, Germany. They also have nice tutorials on Youtube, like the ones with Matthew McAllister for instance.


P.S.: here is the original piano version, played by the composer himself – and recorded on a piano roll:

A sad story with him. Returning from a visit to the US (they were invited by the president), a German submarine shot the channel ferry between England and France. He was on the safe half of the boat, but his wife wasn’t. So he tried to save her – and they both drowned. What a tragic loss. I love this piece.