Some photos I took since Friday

Friday morning in the office. First way after starting my computer is to the coffee machine, where it always looks like this:


Some things will never change…

Before returning to our – or her – flat, Tuna likes to sit on my shoes:


To look at the world from someone else’s shoes…

Yesterday evening I was out after the news, something I haven’t done since a while. I’m actually boycotting this gas station since they started to even charge for air (or for even checking your tire pressure), but still I liked the red/blue colour contrast during that hour:


Gas station, and prices (in Euro per litre). Mörfelden-Walldorf, 2016

And during a walk today I took this one:


Wood, marked and cut

Technical info: the first one was taken with the 14mm lens on my E-PL5 camera, the second with the 25mm on the E-M10, and the other two with the 45mm lens on the same E-M10 camera. All hand-held, tho at night I carried my tripod.

Thanks for viewing.