First short ride (for 2016)

Tho the prediction was rain, I took out my motorcycle today. Checked tyre pressure at a local gas station (so, not this one), and then went to GroƟ-Gerau, where Zuleikha goes to school and where the nearest Honda dealer is.

And indeed I caught a few drops of rain while having a smoke there, but nothing special, so I went back to the same gas station to fill it up again after its long break. And here it is beside our car, after my short ride:


Honda NTV (1994)

What is so special about this motorcycle? It’s this:


Cardan shaft (Honda NTV from 1994)

It has no chain and no belt, but is shaft-driven. And still it isn’t much above 200kg. Plus it’s a Honda – it’s rather young (just barely 22), but it runs like on its first day. Purrs like a kitten, as we say here.

Thanks for viewing.