Some more film photos from last year

On my computer desk there were still two developed films, one Agfa Precisa CT100 colour slide film, the other was an Agfa APX100 black & white negative one. Here are some “scans” I’ve made Sunday evening, again using my Olmypus E-M10, a ZD 50mm/2 macro lens (from the Four Thirds system, with adapter), and a slide copier (plus flash and a white background):


Olympus OM-1, on film (with OM-2)


Employers’ garden, on film, early 2015


Lufthansa airplane, on film, early 2015


Card playing figures, on film, Darmstadt 2015

I converted the colour photos from the .orf raw files using Darktable on Linux, the black & white one using my conventional method, which is first Olympus Viewer 3 on a virtualized Windows, then RawTherapee on Linux for tagging etc.

Thanks for viewing.