January: 2 “explored” images

I took lots of photos in January, well relatively speaking, for an amateur who still has a day job and not really as much time for photography as one would like to have. All in all, there are over 500 photos left in my January folder (and some didn’t even make it there from the cameras), resulting in 9.5GB of occupied space on our hard drives.

Of course I uploaded some I considered good enough or some I wanted to write about to Flickr, and of these, two were “explored” and as such they also got lots of views and “favorites”. These two were:


Cat in a box (1,259 views, 59 faves, and 4 comments as I write this), and


Zuleikha, January 2016 (5,831 views, 98 faves, and 11 comments as I write this).

None of these were lit on purpose; the first one was taken with our normal room lights turned on in the evening, the second one was mainly daylight from a window behind me (and the veranda door / big window on Zuleikha’s left side). Both with the lenses used wide open, the first with the PanaLeica at f/1.4, the second with my older Four Thirds 40-150mm kit zoom at 76mm, where wide open means f/4.7. First with ISO 3200, second with 1600 – so in both cases there wasn’t too much light.

Anyway – if you were amongst the ones who “liked”, or in Flickr parlance, “favorited” one of these, then thank you. Sometimes it just feels good to have a little feedback just like this. Oh, and Zuleikha loved those faves as well. I bet Tuna is a bit jealous now that Zuleikha has some more… 😉

And as always, thanks for reading.