About refugees

I can hardly listen to the daily news anymore. Topic #1 of last year was the debt of Greece, then later the same year and up to now the complete 2016 and without foreseeable end it’s about refugees.

First, the facts. Scroll down these pages if you live outside Europe, and haven’t heard much about it.

Second, the constant talk about the number of refugees a “country can accept”. Norbert Preining sets that right (he includes Japan because he lives and works there).

But the worst of all are the right wingers, both here and elsewhere. Look at Norbert’s graphic, guys, and be as ashamed of your talks and actions as I am when I hear and see them. With neighbours like you, I’m definitely not proud of being a European these days.

And while I’m also no big friend (rather a strong opponent) of the current (and past) government(s), in this I’m actually with our chancellor, who claims that “yes, we can!” (original: “Wir schaffen das!”). Is she the only Christian left in her (and their “sister-“) party which carry the word Christianity in their names?

With that being said, let’s now revert to being a bit more human, and let’s welcome those refugees. If you want to fight someone, then fight against those politicians who plan to let the refugees being employed almost for free. Fight capitalism and weapons exports, not those who are suffering because of it.

My 2 (Euro-) Cents…