Location scouting

Today I brought Zuleikha & Mitchie to the local pool, and they gave me some time until I should pick them up again. Wrong time of day for photo-taking, so I went to the Mönchbruch area for a little location scouting, as they say. Means I should come back during the blue or golden hours to take better pictures. Here are some I took today:


Hungry birds




Kein Durchgang

All taken with the Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm/1.4 lens on the Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera, at apertures between f/2 and f/4.

Speaking about those “normal” lenses (25mm on (Micro) Four Thirds gives an angle of view like 35mm on APS-C or 50mm on film or so-called “full frame” cameras):

Kirk Tuck lately wrote about his 50mm/1.8G nikkor lens, and Ming Thein also about 50s in general. We old film photographers who grew up using these – they were the “kit” lenses during film days – still consider a focal length of about the sensor diagonal as the single most important lenses. On some days when I go out I carry nothing but my 25mm, and days when I take a zoom are really rare.

Restrictions like these aren’t easy, but they will teach you a lot.

Thanks for reading.