From dawn till dusk

There are days when I really don’t take many photos. Today was such a day where I just took three, and one of them was for white balance measurement. So at dawn I took this one, of the sakura in our employers’ garden again:


Sakura at dawn, with a moon

Then work, work, work for most of the day. And no, it was not a fight with Santanico Pandemonium (aka Salma Hayek) – work can kill as well, but it won’t be as pretty*.

No, I selected this title because I took the second (white balance) and third (found object) picture when the sun was sinking already. It was this:


Porcelain cat at dusk, as found

I took both using the Olympus E-PL5 camera with its 14-42mm “kit zoom”, and cropped the first one into a 16:10 format.

Thanks for viewing.

* A colleague died lately, short before his 50th birthday. And tho he wasn’t of the same brand or division, he was still an IBMer, and will be missed.