Zuleikha in concert

Today was the annual spring concert of the local music school. And for the first time, Zuleikha gave a piano solo of two classical pieces. As usual, the light within our town hall wasn’t that good, but still we had to take some photos of course. Here is one I took:


Zuleikha in concert, March 2015

Update from March 2nd, 2015:

Mitchie took a hand-held video of Zuleikha’s short performance, and uploaded it to Youtube. And Zuleikha wrote about it on her blog, where you can see the video as well.

Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Very nicely done! That was her first time performing in public? I would not have guessed.

    My daughter picked up piano a bit over a year ago. She brought me back to an instrument I never thought I’d play again (for lack of desire, on my part). It’s been very interesting helping her develop her skills on the piano.

    Just out of curiosity: what is the make of the piano she is playing?

    1. Thanks Peter! And yes, her first time alone on a stage – she perfomed in a group (playing her horn) previously.

      Oh, and I forgot who was the piano maker. Some German one; maybe my wife has the name on some of the photos she took; I’ll have a look.

      Update, from Sat March 7th:

      Asked my wife Mitchie who took a photo of the piano without someone playing it – and it is a Seiler (they’re from Kitzingen, Bavaria, Germany, and now belong to Samick from Korea).

      Hope that helps…

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