Time to cover up…

These are my knees. It’s autumn, and getting cooler pretty quick. One of our thermometers shows 19.6°C, the other one 17.6°C, in the flat. So I guess the truth is maybe somewhere in the middle. And it’s definitely:


Time to cover up…

Otherwise, my days are busy, and because of two construction areas on my commute I need some more time to get to work and especially for my way back home.

I’ve been asked to take photos at work on the 8th and 9th of October, but I won’t be able to show most of these here on my blog or on Flickr, especially not those with most of the people. I have something like carte blanche from my colleague Arno, but he’s about the only one. Oh, and from Markus, too. But it will be hard to avoid those other two dozen or more people, including our management. But who knows? Maybe they find something good enough to use it for advertising? For me it will be just a lesson in something like event photography, which I rarely do, so it’s going to be a fun challenge. And even if it’s only documentary, it will still be worth it.

Anyway – as always, thanks for reading.