A recently “expored” photo, and some of today

A week ago I took a photo of Zuleikha, which I converted to black & white. She had just taken a bath, and we were about to have dinner. It was “explored” on Flickr, so it had lots of views, and some “favorites” (like “likes” in FB):


Zuleikha, September 2014. Olympus E-PL5 with 45mm/1.8 lens and a bounced flash.

Today we took a short walk, and I had the 14-42mm zoom on my camera, set to 17mm. Zuleikha was collecting some leaves:


Three colours: red, yellow, green

And back home I asked Mitchie if she wanted to swap our macro lenses (she’s documenting some of Zuleikha’s work for school a bit). So I gave my ZD 50mm/2 macro lens to her, and took her manual OM Zuiko Auto Macro 50mm/3.5 lens instead. Of course I had to immediately test it:


Red hot chili pepper. Olympus E-PL5 with OM Zuiko Auto Macro 50mm/3.5 lens at f/8. *Not* sharpened.

Thanks for viewing.

2 Replies to “A recently “expored” photo, and some of today”

  1. I guess it’s not necessary to sharpen the chili. 😉 The OM macro seems to be a great old lens. How does it compare to the modern Oly macros?

    1. Quite good actually. I was surprised to find sharpness about on par, but of course it doesn’t have an aperture of f/2 which might be useful for portraits. And the autofocus is missing of course, tho that doesn’t really bother me for macros / close-ups.

      Got this one for my wife for 115€ if I remember correctly – and for that, it’s a steal. And it’s like new as well, so nothing to complain about. A wonderful lens for video as well, where you focus manually most of the time.

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