A lens I have. On a camera I don’t have.

Dino Aranda has just written a post on his 13th Floor blog about “my” Olympus OM 50mm/1.4 lens, which he tried on his Sony A7 camera. Very interesting to see photos taken with it on a “digital back” with 24 Megapixels. Thanks Dino!

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  1. Stunning Pictures! The Combination of the old Oly lens with the A 7 Sony can preserve so much of that 70s – 80s feeling! Its incredible.

    Yesterday I took a walk in Bonn with my 81 years old mother and met randomly a great Photographer at the “heilige Stiege” http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heilige_Stiege_(Bonn) !

    We talked about Kai Wong from digitalrev.com and he told me that he knows this guy personally and which of Kai´s articles are worth to look for…

    It was Mathias Meyer who lives normaly in Vietnam. He took some pics from the landscape (the view from Bonn to Cologne). He uses a totally run down A7R Sony Body with some adhesive tapes around it and the Sony Signature was also taped. It looks like that Body has run for a million exposures already ;-).

    First I thought it was an old mFT Body from Panasonic or so because it was increadibly small. But it was just the A7R with the Sony 55 mm lens. He told me that he uses many Leica lenses at home and that he doesn´t use the A7R for sport. But it is his normal 36 Megapixel Camera Back for all his M lensens…

    Meyer is one of the most common last names in Germany, but I think it was this Meyer (I like the pics!):

    Well, I asked him about street and he recomments this
    and a movie that I doesn´t find yet (it must be vimeo or so movie): “All street” where some famous street photographers (can´t remember the names) share some of their secrets…
    Any Idea, Wolfgang?

    1. Hm no, I’m afraid that I haven’t seen that one. But yes, that Zeiss 55mm lens is probably the best native lens for a Sony A7 or A7R camera. Compared to an Otus or Leica it’s cheap, and it shouldn’t be worse than these.

  2. Greetings from Los Angeles. I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for reposting my blog on the Oly 50mm. Glad to virtually meet another mirrorless shooter.

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