Getting closer

We have thunderstorms since a few days, and rain. Which is good – the plants need it. Mitchie and Zuleikha went to the cinema, so what does a man do when left at home? Right. He starts dust-cleaning a bit 😉 😛 – and of course, playing around as well.

I mounted the Four Thirds Zuiko Digital 50mm macro lens onto my E-PL5 camera via an autofocus-capable adapter and first took a photo of a still uncleaned figure:


Dusty “nubi”

Then I took off the front panel of one of the speakers to take a photo of its tweeter:


Tweeter (of a Nubert model 381 loudspeaker)

And after cleaning that little guy a bit as well, I got real close. The closer you get, the more you have to stop down because your depth of field will become very thin. Thankfully, with a 50mm lens there’s still some room – but this is f/22:



It’s about as close as I could get with my 1:2 macro lens. If you want to get closer, try the 35mm 1:1 macro from the Four Thirds series, or an older manual Olympus OM or any other manufacturer’s macro. There’s a 90mm/2 macro from the OM series which is possibly the best you can get, but these are over 1k€/$ even used, and they’re a bit hard to find. The best value should be the 35mm, or any used and manual 50mm macro (ours was about 120€ or so, not even a third of my also used autofocus lens).

Update, about three hours later:

I took a photo of that small guy again, this time with Mitchie’s old and manual OM Zuiko 50mm/3.5 macro lens, at f/11 (instead of f/22 with my own). If anything, it’s even a bit sharper, which it should be because diffraction won’t be as bad at f/11. Colours and contrast are a bit different, but it’s also because of the time of day – 16:30 and 19:30 means different light of course. So here’s the photo from a 120€ lens:


“nubi” with a manual OM lens

At least as good as my ZD lens, which is great praise.

Thanks for reading.