One of the very few…

Man oh man, time surely flies. And it’s one week since my last blog post, and to be honest, I also didn’t take many photos during the last week. Why? See my last article – we’re all enjoying a new set of speakers I bought (and thanks again for the suggestion, bro!), and since then I was reading tests, forae, and emails about buying a new receiver or amplifier as well. And in the evenings I sometimes just sat and listened – to music, and later to TV as well.

Here’s one of the very few photos I took during the week. I had put in a Santana CD for Mitchie, and after having a shower, Zuleikha joined us and was reading the lyrics of the song which was just playing. Changed it to black & white, and also cropped it square:


Zuleikha, listening to a CD after her shower

Now we have pretty much decided on what to get, and on Saturday we’ll see if we can find the device somewhere so we can listen to it a bit.

Thanks for reading.