Last of October

Two photos from today, one taken in the morning, the other during our lunch walk:





Update, short after midnight:

So the following picture was definitely the last one taken in October, maybe 10 minutes to midnight, and presented here 10 minutes past, in November already:


Balloon – a present from Zuleikha’s bankers

All three taken with the Olympus E-PL5 camera and the 14-42mm zoom lens.

Thanks for viewing. Hope you had a nice Halloween.

Two, out of camera

I took two photos today on film – and then again digitally. The film was black & white, the 50mm lens was set to an aperture of f/4. The digital ones are with colour, the 25mm lens was set to f/2 – so the depth of field might be comparable. Just two (times two) quick snaps. Here are the digital ones:


NG Kids


Zuleikha’s gallery

Cropped them in-camera to an aspect ratio like 24x36mm film. The first one was focused on Sharbat Gula, Steve McCurry’s most iconic and famous photo, better known as the “Afghan girl“. The second one was obviously focused on “Stupsi”, and it shows a series of photos taken by Zuleikha with her E-PL1 camera.

Thanks for viewing.

One from a short Sunday walk

We were out looking for the bridge construction works, which were planned to be finished in two weeks from now. Zuleikha found some stuff and showed it to me, so I took a picture:


Flower on a leaf bed. Olympus E-PL5 camera with Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm/1.4 lens at f/4. Almost like out of camera.

Thanks for viewing.


We had a short break and a three day family holiday, the first time this year that we weren’t home. And since we didn’t want to go or drive too far, we decided to visit the place where I was born. Here’s a 2.35:1 wide view of Bleialf (not the complete village; we didn’t have an airplane to get that):


For a quick view of just the photos I took, here’s a slideshow:

Or you can look at the album I created for the place on Flickr, or view photos tagged with ‘Bleialf’ there.

Of our combined photos, Zuleikha wants to make a book. Can’t wait to see it.

Thanks for viewing.

One / two weeks off

Two days ago, I took some kind of “street” photo by chance. I just came out of my employers’ garage and thought the yellow street lights and the blue sky made a nice contrast, so I took a photo:


Early morning beside my employers’ garage

Only when “blowing up” the image, I saw the sleeping guy in his Smart…

It’s autumn holidays now in our county, two weeks for the students, only one for me. We’ll visit my birthplace for a few days, while a neighbour will care for our cat. We haven’t been there since July 2005, when Zuleikha was less than a year old. We’re hoping for good weather and will walk the village quite a bit.

And because today was the last school and work day, both Zuleikha and I could play a bit after dinner:


Zuleikha, playing with Mama’s Nexus 7, October 2014


When all the stars align…

All photos taken with my Olympus E-PL5 camera and the Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm/1.4 lens.

Thanks for viewing.

What I’m reading right now

I was finally able to get the paperback version of Kirk Tuck’s first novel, called “The Lisbon Portfolio“:


The Lisbon Portfolio

I’m only some 50 pages in right now, but it seems to be a fun read. Espionage / suspense thriller, and for photographers I consider this a good one already. And now you have to excuse me – can’t wait to finish Kirk’s book…

Thanks for viewing.

P.S. (Update, from Tuesday, Oct. 14th, 2014):

I’ve finished it. Yesterday evening or rather this morning at 3 minutes past 12 (midnight). Just couldn’t stop.

And it’s a real nice book. Fits right in the list of spy fiction authors, and people like Jeffery Deaver, James Patterson, or the Kellermans (Jonathan and his wife Faye) come to mind. And while as a first it’s not as polished and perfect as these, it’s fresh instead.

If you know Kirk’s Blog and have seen some of his photos, you’ll admire how he describes the ‘making of’ of some of them.

This is no book review, so I’ll stop here. But I really recommended it to Mitchie already, since our bookshelf is full of the authors mentioned above, so I think she’ll love it as I did.

So this is really recommended, especially to photographers, but also to fans of the modern espionage thriller genre.

Zuleikha, decorated

Another photo of Zuleikha. Same camera and lens as in the last article and photos, this time with flash instead of natural light:


Zuleikha, decorated by a friend’s mum, October 2014

Thanks for viewing.

One photo taken with the DSLR – and two with what it shows

Here’s a photo I took using my DSLR:


My camera – and a book which I’m re-reading

I refer to the small camera you see as to “my camera”, because it’s clearly superior to the DSLR in many ways. And with just the combination of camera and lens you see above, I took the following two images:


Zuleikha on a Sunday morning in October 2014


Zuleikha, decorated by a friend’s mum, October 2014

Both photos were taken with the 45mm lens wide open at f/1.8 – so not the whole girl is in sharp focus. But as you probably see, this lens is quite nice for taking someone’s portrait. A must-have for this system if you want to take photos of people.

Anyway – as always, thanks for viewing and/or reading.

Some digital images taken today

Even if I think film when I think photography at the moment, that doesn’t mean that I don’t use my digital cameras anymore. Here are some I took today, not on film:


Zuleikha, eating and reading, October 2014


Right above my head


Tuna the cat after finishing some turkey breast, October 2014


Wildlife – at my pace 😉


Moenchbruch Castle


Hotel at Moenchbruch Castle, 1/3


Hotel at Moenchbruch Castle, 2/3


Hotel at Moenchbruch Castle, 3/3

All photos taken with the Olympus E-PL5 “Pen”-type camera. The first one with Mitchie’s OM Zuiko Auto-Macro 50mm/3.5 at f/5.6, then we swapped our macro lenses back again, and I took the rest today with my Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm/1.4, mostly at an aperture of or around f/4. The cat photo is ISO 1600, the rest 200 to 800 (which is my auto ISO range for that camera).

Thanks for viewing.

Not that many “instant” photos

I shoot film from time to time. At the moment, I have black & white film in my OM-2N, and colour slide film in Zuleikha’s OM-1N cameras, both with ISO/ASA 100. And even on the digital “Pen” I’m sometimes using Mitchie’s OM macro lens, like for this one:


Zuleikha’s camera (Olympus OM-1N). Photo taken with an Olympus E-PL5 and an OM Zuiko Auto-Macro 50mm/3.5 lens at f/5.6.

Yesterday I was walking with the camera you see here, trying to get some first autumn colours on film. And before that I was using my own OM-2N with the black & white film inside. That’s why you don’t see that many “instant” photos here or on Flickr at the moment – I’m more in a Zen-kind of mood, don’t have to see them right away.

Of course with ISO 100 film and not always using f/1.4 I’m also lugging around my tripod most of the time. It’s fun.

Thanks for reading.