Zuleikha in concert

Today was the annual spring concert of the local music school. And for the first time, Zuleikha gave a piano solo of two classical pieces. As usual, the light within our town hall wasn’t that good, but still we had to take some photos of course. Here is one I took:


Zuleikha in concert, March 2015

Update from March 2nd, 2015:

Mitchie took a hand-held video of Zuleikha’s short performance, and uploaded it to Youtube. And Zuleikha wrote about it on her blog, where you can see the video as well.

Thanks for viewing.

A remote controlled camera

Like many of the newer cameras, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 has WiFi. Which I haven’t tried until today, when I borrowed Mitchie’s tablet PC (a Google Nexus 7) for it. So here are some shots from this evening, including the very first one:


Charlie and the great glass elevator


Tuna the cat, February 2015

– and last not least, a self portrait:


Wolfgang, February 2015

For longer sessions, I’d suggest to set up the camera so that it doesn’t fall asleep after some inactivity (like caused by picture viewing on a remote 7 inch display).

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The baby OM-D

A friend saw it only yesterday, but I have it since a week now (thanks again to Mitchie and Zuleikha for this wonderful present). And like every Olympus camera, it’s great: the OM-D E-M10, shot by my E-PL5:


Thanks for viewing.

Cats, again

Yesterday we were invited to a neighbour’s place – she had her birthday lately, like Mitchie & me as well. And this is “Racoon”, her 16 year old cat:


And today I’ve tried “focus peaking” with my old manual OM Zuiko 50mm/1.4 lens wide open. It works:


You have to assign a button for it first, and you also have to be careful with moving targets – it’s easy to still get the “wrong” eye in focus, especially if you stop down a bit for better overall sharpness. Interesting.

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Some photos from today

Today I turned 58. And this was the birthday card which I was given this morning:

7df_2180001-birthday card

Made by Zuleikha of course. This is her from this morning:


And this is her from this afternoon, playing with her Mama:


She had also plucked some early flowers already:


Presents? Oh yes. Just what the birthday card and the pictures’ exif data show…

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A visit from Mélanie

Today Mélanie came over to visit us. She was one of the other two photographers with whom I met on January 18th in Mainz for an outdoor photo walk together with Meike, Rhia, and Jana.

After having some cake, we started to play around with my lights, so Mélanie took some photos of me, and I took some of her – with both her camera and mine.

From the ones out of my camera I selected nine, and it’s hard to narrow them down further – even Mitchie wasn’t able to select just a few out of these. So I decided to upload all nine to Flickr, and to let Mélanie see if she likes or even can use any of them:










I cropped the first one into a 5:4 format, but the rest are as good as out of camera. Not cropped and definitely not retouched.

To see more of Mélanie, and to have a look at her own art, please consider viewing her page on Facebook.

Merçi Mélanie – it was great to have you here. Cannot wait to repeat this.

Thanks for viewing.