A good and cheap keyboard

I ordered this one at work, to replace my older Logitech keyboard:


It has JK-0800 as the manufacturer’s number on its bottom, but it’s also known as KC1000, which is printed on the lower left of its top surface. It’s currently the #1 top selling keyboard on Amazon, and available there for under 10€.

Super nice, super quiet, and tho I changed keyboards with the machine running, all keys including the special keys worked as expected – even on Linux. These four special keys are: calculator, mail, browser, and sleep.


About seeing pictures

If you’re really into photography, then after a while you’ll start seeing pictures everywhere. Like in the magazines, catalogues, the online world, even in TV. And sometimes in real life of course. If that hasn’t happened to you (yet), don’t try to force it – you’ll get there.

There are some incredibly good photographers out there, even in the business of moving pictures. Films, TV series, ads – everywhere. But for the makers of TV programs it’s quite hard – the native wide screen 16:9 format for instance isn’t really an ideal one for portraits. Still I see photos all the time, and sometimes I quite like them. Like this:


Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Image © CBS

At work, some of my colleagues ordered the new Lenovo X1 Carbon ultrathin notebook as their new work machines for the next years. It’s quite nice, and lighter than a 13.3″ MacBook Pro. When they were setting those up today, I just came around the corner with my camera in my hands, and took this one:


Colleagues working on/with their new Lenovo X1 Carbon

I had to wait for a short moment until Gunther’s hand was in front of Arno’s machine again to catch that behind-the-scene feeling of our workplace.

Nice machines, especially if you’re a mobile worker. I’ll wait for the bigger (and much heavier) Thinkpad W541 because I’m running virtual machines on top of my Linux OS (yes, also at work).

Oh by the way – I’m just leaving the IBM club again, which I joined only because I wanted to be a member of the photo club. Why? Well I guess we’re not that compatible anymore. I just wanna go and find my own way and style. Plus I’m not really into “skin work“. Oh, I’ve done my share of it, even on myself, and later almost perfected it, but I don’t want to create false stuff. Not my world.

Thanks for reading.

Another full moon image

My first attempts to stack images with Fitswork didn’t work out too well, so I took a bit more time to process another single photo of the moon I took last night:


This time I let it in the original 4:3 full frame of my Olympus E-PL5 camera, which was put into prime focus of my Sky-Watcher 150/750P Newtonian telescope (which means: no lens attached).

This one’s for my brother Willi, who wants to make a 16:9 crop to use it as a background for his computer screen.

Update, one day later: here’s another version of the same image. While the first one was too soft and dull, the second was a bit too bright and contrasty, and also a bit oversharpened. So this is my final compromise – a better moon photo will follow when the sky clears up, and the moon is a bit older and not full anymore:


See also in the German-speaking Astrotreff forum and in the Balkonauten Community. Compared to what these guys & gals show, mine are the first baby steps only…

Thanks for viewing.