Tuna from yesterday, Arno from today. Both toned.

Here are two photos I made yesterday and today, and both are toned using the Lab curves in RawTherapee. Arno’s photo was converted to black and white using Nik Silver Efex Pro2 (with the 019 “Fine Art” preset), Tuna was more or less out of camera (and Olympus Viewer could do the same).



Oh, almost forgot: Tuna was lit with two of my studio strobes (both simply reflected over the walls), while I took Arno’s photo in natural daylight in the company.

Another difference: I photographed Tuna with the 25mm/1.4 Panasonic Leica DG Summilux lens at f/2.8, and Arno with the new, old, and manual OM Zuiko 135mm/2.8, also at f/2.8.

As always, full resolution photos are on Flickr – you get there if you click on the pictures here.

Also as always, thanks for viewing.

Some more digital monochromes

Here are a few more photos which I made with my camera set to black & white:


Tuna the cat, November 2017 (Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm/1.4 fully open at f/1.4)


Tuna the cat, November 2017 (Olympus OM G.Zuiko 50mm/1.4 fully open at f/1.4)


Tuna the cat, November 2017 (Olympus OM G.Zuiko 50mm/1.4 at f/2)


Arno, November 2017 (Olympus OM Zuiko 135mm/2.8 at f/4)

Thanks for viewing.

Some more photos from this weekend

Starting with that new bird feeder you might have seen in the video already:


Tuna, looking at the door grip (she wants the door to be opened when she does that):


Some calluna vulgaris (Knospenheide) which Mitchie bought:


My film camera on my computer desk (using it more at the moment):


A portrait of Zuleikha, outdoors:


And three portraits of Tuna, out- and indoors:




And finally, a toy which Mitchie made a long time ago for Zuleikha – now photographed with Mitchie’s manual OM Zuiko 50mm/3.5 macro lens at f/8:


Thanks for the fave on Flickr, sayang.

And all others: as always, thanks for viewing/reading.

Cat nap

I took Tuna’s photo while she was sleeping in her chair. I simulated our reading light with my compact flash, and treated the converted picture with Silver Efex Pro2, using its “019 Fine Arts Process” preset instead of a film simulation. Looks like this:


Thanks for viewing.

Tuna in colour and in black and white

One photo which I took today, with the Panasonic 14mm/2.5 lens on the Olympus E-M10 camera, was this:


It’s not exactly like out of the camera; I desaturated the colours a bit, and added a slight vignette in RawTherapee.

And tho I liked the colours, I wondered how they would translate to “tones” in black & white. So I went back to the beginning, converted the .orf to a .tif (still in colour) with the Olympus Viewer 3, and then I used Silver Efex Pro 2 from the Google Nik Collection to convert it to a black & white photo.

With that software, I simulated the use of an Ilford HP5 Plus film, which is what I often used when I was much younger than today, and developed film and enlarged photos from the negatives myself. I now have Tri-X (Kodak) in my Olympus OM-2 camera, but as I’m from Europe, during my days it was mostly Ilford which was made in England during that time.

I also simulated the use of a yellow filter on my lens, which of course made the blue sofa much darker, and everything yellowish lighter. The result is here:


I like both images, but this one maybe more, especially the patchwork blanket in the background.

Thanks for viewing.

A photo a day…

Last month was the first one since late 2009 in that there were more days of the month than photos taken by me.

Part of that had to do with making two videos until now, both for the company. The first one, around 18 minutes, showed other Linux lovers how to get the officially needed company layers installed on top of a plain distribution. The second, around 45 minutes, was a howto on getting better audio for the video guys who make ‘official’ company videos for one of its Youtube channels.

Another reason why I didn’t take that many photos is that since I have the new USB audio interface and a studio quality microphone, I also dealt with recording a lot. Midi, audio, plugins, samples, soundfonts, all that.

Now it’s April already, and we have a little more sun – at least the days are getting somewhat longer, so I can make use of the light. And when the cat was outside, sitting on my shoes on the veranda, I just had to take a picture:


Tuna the cat, April 2017

Let’s see – maybe I can at least take one picture a day, and hopefully more. And still deal with and learn about how to make and record music with a computer. When I have something worth listening to, I’ll let you know.

As always, thanks for reading.

Another project, and Tuna

Zuleikha has a new project in school. Starting tomorrow, they will produce a short movie, based on a story they have to develop themselves, script, costumes, filming, sound, everything. And the group in which Zuleikha is in decided that she’d be responsible for the technical part (besides of acting and so on).

First, Zuleikha wanted to take her small Panasonic Lumix “Travel Zoom” camera for this, as it’s quite good for videos. But she decided that it would be too noisy for indoor shots, and to take her (my old) Olympus E-PL1 instead:


Olympus E-PL1

But in the end, I thought that an E-PL5 would be even better, so I gave her mine for the job. That she can use the battery and memory card from her PL1 as backup is also an advantage. Her tripod is in her locker at school already – can’t wait to see with what they’ll come up.

At the moment, both Zuleikha and Mitchie are in Darmstadt, watching “Cabaret” in a theater. So I’m alone with Tuna, and I took a photo of her:


Tuna the cat, January 2017

That’s processed with the (also in-camera) “pin hole” filter, which adds a strong vignette, and also some funky colours which I reduced a bit again.

Thanks for viewing.

Happy new year!

We wish all of our readers a happy new year 2017. Since I’ve only made some crappy fireworks shots until now, here are some last ones from last year. Taken Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:


Arno, playing with Tux (the Linux penguin mascot)




Tuna, December 2016

That last one was taken with the “kit zoom” (of the E-PL5) on my E-M10 camera at 17mm. The camera was still set to an upper auto ISO limit of 3200 from Zuleikha’s birthday party in a dark bowling center, and because of the limited opening of that lens at 17mm (around f/4 or so), ISO 3200 was what my camera used here. This was a few hours before the end of 2016, and little did Tuna know about the upcoming fireworks, and that she’d be hiding under some beds again… those crazy humans!

Thanks for reading.