Oh. September is gone already.

Ok – here are some more photos I took in September:




And here’s a first photo from October:


And what was I listening to lately? Some wonderful music from Cuba:

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Jamaica coalition. All pirates?

What a cool image in today’s “Die Zeit”:

Our politicians as pirates of the – no, not Carribean, but the so-called “Jamaica” coalition (because black, yellow, and green are their parties’ colours).

Cool. Even with parrot!

Strong, and very powerful

One of the best projects I have found until now is PlayingForChange (.com and their video channel).

It all started with this:

But there’s more, like:

Or like this:

P.S.: of course, the last two of these strongly remind me of Bob Marley’s groundbreaking live album “Babylon by Bus” from 1978:

What a good time that was.


On LensCulture: Nadav Kander

“I was driven beyond belief. I was driven to be accepted, to be respected. Without that drive, how are you ever going to do that? Rather, you’re going to go to a party and carry on with your life. In the end, I don’t think one gets ‘discovered’—rather, it happens for those individuals who fight to have their work seen.”

A very good article about one of the great and still living photographers, Nadav Kander, at LensCulture. Fair warning: contains some nude images, so maybe NSFW in/at/around your area.


Some photos from September, so far

Beginning of September, Zuleikha and her friend Nikoleta wanted to sell some old toys and stuff on a local flea market. Here are two photos I took on that day:



Other than that, I used my wide angle lens a lot. 14mm on a µ43rds camera is like 28mm used to be on film, and that’s commonly considered good for landscapes or cloudscapes like in the following example:


But you can even take portraits with a wide angle lens, like this one of Tuna:


A wide angle lens is also good to get some “perspective” on smaller things, like for instance this bird feeder:


The wind always throws (and blows) away that bird feeder from the wall, so I took it back in. This photo is from today, but with a 45mm lens instead of the wide angle:


Oh, and I’ve got a haircut this month. Here’s a photo – or rather two, mounted together as one – which Zuleikha took with the E-PL5 camera and the 14-42mm “kit” zoom lens:


Thanks kiddo, for the nice portrait!

And that’s all for the moment. But the month isn’t over yet…

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Another one from today – Tuna the cat, dozing in the twilight:


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R.I.P. Walter

Walter Becker, thanks for everything.

Walter Becker, with bass red

And this – this is the most talk I’ve ever heard from him. It’s called “The Making of Aja”, and it has Japanese subtitles:

You are missed, Walter. But still, rest in peace.

Walter Becker, Feb. 20 1950 — Sept. 03 2017

Edit: Just found this – and I think Walter would have laughed about it like I did:

Quote of the day, August 26th, 2017

“A well focused 12 megapixel camera trumps a poorly focused 24 megapixel camera any day of the week. A photograph of a captivating subject taken with a camera that’s mediocre at high ISOs still beats another noise free image of a coffee cup in a coffee shot every time. Waiting for the perfect camera is a fool’s errand.”

by Kirk Tuck, professional photographer in Austin, Texas, U.S.A., in a blog post of his.

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Mr. 335 in concert

Just saw a recent concert of the Larry Carlton Quartet from Spain. Wow, still laying down a good groove after all these years. You might know the last piece in this video…

Larry Carlton

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