A good and funny video about sensor sizes

It’s one and a half years old already, but I found it today, this video made by Zack Arias. And yes, I’ve read his article about it before, but didn’t bother to watch the videos. Zack is a good guy….

auf Deutsch: über das Fotografieren und das fotografiert werden

oder: homo saliens

auf Deutsch: eine mögliche Lösung?

“Da in der überwiegenden Mehrzahl der Betriebe das Management und große Teile der Verwaltung zusammen mit den Besitzern den Betrieb verließen, konnten dadurch meist mehr als 50 % der Personalkosten eingespart werden, wodurch die Betriebe wieder wirtschaftlich wurden.“

My name is Carnival

It’s the season again, so I decided to show you some early work I did in April of 2011, when I was still a rookie in nude art photography. Don’t worry – this one’s “safe for work”: My name is…

Two photos of Tuna (our cat)

Kirk Tuck was praising the small “one inch” sensor cameras lately (and you have to put that in parentheses because their sensors ain’t one inch at all), and Bill Beebe lately wrote why he is still sticking to Olympus µ43rds,…


Today was Mitchie’s birthday. She got her presents early in the morning already, and during the day both Zuleikha and me had the same idea and also brought some flowers. Just took a picture of them with using only the…


I like long exposures. Especially if they contain “ghosts”.

A simulated film look

Yes, I sometimes use film in my Olympus OM-2N camera. And so does Zuleikha in her Olympus OM-1. But how do you get close to the look of film when using digital cameras? Easy, you say: buy Silver Effects, bind…

January: 2 “explored” images

I took lots of photos in January, well relatively speaking, for an amateur who still has a day job and not really as much time for photography as one would like to have. All in all, there are over 500…

Getting close with my 50mm macro

Two portraits from today: Thanks for viewing.