Using my motorcycle

Using my motorcycle

I showed you some black & white photos of my motorcycle lately, explaining what makes it so special. And since it has to go through its bi-annual inspection/surveillance this month, I decided to first use it a bit of course….

DB pop stats

This is interesting: Historical trend of relational DBMS popularity I assumed that the free databases would be strong, but that they’re on places 2 and 4 is astonishing. And look at the rise rate of MariaDB, which is more popular…

First short ride (for 2016)

Tho the prediction was rain, I took out my motorcycle today. Checked tyre pressure at a local gas station (so, not this one), and then went to Groß-Gerau, where Zuleikha goes to school and where the nearest Honda dealer is….

Preparations during Pentecost

I’m preparing things to get my motorcycle running – want to use it to go to work, plus I have to get it checked soon. First thing of course is to give it power: Charging a motorcycle battery After that…

Some photos I took since Friday

Some photos I took since Friday

Friday morning in the office. First way after starting my computer is to the coffee machine, where it always looks like this: Some things will never change… Before returning to our – or her – flat, Tuna likes to sit…

Ascension, and Father's Day

Ascension, and Father’s Day

Here in Germany, we celebrate Father’s Day each year on Ascension Day. You can read all about it if you follow the links, but I decided not to join a tour with friends, but to do something with my family…

Asking photographers about car problems

Credits: xkcd

Weekend warriors

Weekend warriors

Like most people who still have a regular job, and for whom photography is just a hobby, it’s mostly the weekends when I can take photos. So here are two from yesterday and from today: Tulip Photographer and model (Zuleikha…

Nice analysis of a lovely song

This. It’s from their 1977 album “Aja”, one of their best ever. Oh, and “Aja” is pronounced like “Asia”. Couldn’t have done this any better. Here is the song without explanations, and here is the album. Enjoy…

Two moon photos

Here are two photos of the moon, both from this morning, both with the same camera and lens. One from home, short before I entered the garage, the other from after arriving at work: Moon over Mörfelden-Walldorf, 2016 Moon over…