This is the weblog of Wolfgang Lonien. Welcome.

I’m responsible for all content here, but not for any other content to which links from here could lead you.

I’m also the server and domain admin for the lonien.de domain, but again, I’m not responsible for content provided by any others (like family members or anyone else who would get a web or mail presence here on lonien.de). Their content is theirs; my content is mine, simple as that.

Ok, enough of that boring “legal” stuff.

Beside my family, I have some other hobbies, like photography, music, my motorcycle, or things like free and open source software. So I might blog about these topics, and/or add own pages and/or blogs for any of these. Time will tell.

Questions? Send me an email to firstname at lastname dot mycountrycode (hint: look at the url of this web page for help).

Thanks for visiting.

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