A virtual bass amplifier on Linux

I’ve had an Ampeg SVT when I was younger, together with not one but even two of its “fridges” – loudpeaker cabinets the size of a good fridge, but way heavier (about 75kg each; the (all tube) amp alone was about 40kg or so).

That was wonderful of course – except when you had to transport it 😉

Now something which sounds almost like the real thing exists for the guitarix project – it’s called gxsvt, and it’s part of the gxplugins which you can load into the DAW (digital audio workstation) of your choice – in my case, into Ardour.

I’ve first read about it in the LinuxMusicians forum, and its github page is here. It’s part of the extra plugins package which you can get here (or in your repositories, like in the ones from KXStudio which I’m using).

It doesn’t look like an Ampeg SVT:

– but it does indeed come close in its sound. I didn’t make any recordings yet, but here it is on my screen:

Screenshot from 2017-08-11 20-28-35

I’m very glad to have it. You will hear something as soon as I have something recorded with it.

Thanks for reading.