Collaboration: jam112, by jonetsu / nominal6

Here’s a very nice ambient piece by nominal6 (on Soundcloud) / jonetsu (on LinuxMusicians):

In this LinuxMusicians forum entry, jonetsu asked for a collaboration on it, so I played the original bass line on my fretless, and gave it back via dropbox.

And since it’s under a Creative Commons Licence, I can share the result here as well:

Glad to be a working bass player again. This is fun. Here’s a screenshot from our virtual jam session (only my desktop, but you’ll get the idea):

Thanks for reading, and for listening.

Update, from Sunday 2:34 (am) local time:

I’ve updated my contribution with a newer file. It’s work-in-progress, as the piece is far from being ready. Just ideas collecting as far as I can see… anyway, still thanks for reading, and for listening.