Jacob Collier

Meet Jacob Collier, rehearsing with the WDR Big Band in 2015:

More info about him at the German and English Wikipedia pages, more music at his Youtube channel.

Like Snarky Puppy, he’s a two times Grammy winner – one for this:

Found him through Aimee Nolte’s video about microtonalism, here:

Thanks Aimee!


Update, from June 8th, 2017:

Jacob plays some real nice double bass, or “Oma” as we sometimes call them in German. I’ve read or heard in some interview that he got that one as a present when he was 14. Lucky him! See here for instance:

Also on this really grooving track, after some 2+ minutes a capella (which are awesome as well):

Incredible musician. Oh, and if you listen to his “interviews” playlist on Youtube, you’ll notice that he has perfect pitch (“absolutes Gehör” in German). Which means that if he sings an arpeggio, you’ll find that he had the exact notes when checked on a piano. Here for instance. Awesome once again:

No wonder even Quincy Jones was impressed, and became his mentor. What a career…

Speaking about being with the great ones; here he is with Snarky Puppy, on their “Family Dinner Vol. 2”:

and on stage as well, somewhere in England, showcasing that a Melodica is all you need if you’re that good: