Bob Reynolds Guitar Band

After Bill Laurance, Forq, Banda Magda, and Bokanté, here’s another offspring from Snarky Puppy:

This is Bob Reynolds with his Bob Reynolds Guitar Band, recorded live at the Blue Whale Jazz Club in Los Angeles, California, on January 21, 2016. These are:

Bob Reynolds – tenor saxophone & compositions (from Snarky)
Nir Felder – electric guitar
Mark Lettieri – electric guitar (from Snarky)
Kaveh Rastegar – electric bass guitar
Robert “Sput” Searight – drums (from Snarky)

I haven’t seen anything less than awesome from any of the Snarky Puppy band members, and it includes this one. That said, my favourite piece after first listening is probably “Crush” (recording 3 out of 6), with a really epic guitar solo from Nir Felder. And I also like the bass playing from Kaveh Rastegar. Like I said, awesome – have to buy that one as well.

Here is Bob’s website, and his bandcamp site where you can buy stuff. Cannot wait to see more of him on his vlog on Youtube as well.

Oh, and Bass Musician Magazine has a nice article on the just released Bokanté recording. I commented one of their Youtube videos with something like “anything you do seem to be great” – and I mean it.

Have fun. And if you like it, support these musicians, and buy their stuff instead of just looking at / listening to streams. It helps them doing what they’re doing, and in my opinion, the world would be terrible without good music (or any arts for that matter).

Thanks for reading / watching.