Snarky Puppy World Tour 2017: Frankfurt

So yesterday I was at a concert of my current favourite band and 2 times Grammy winners, Snarky Puppy. In case you’re interested, you can purchase the whole concert here (FLAC). And on one of their pictures you can even see me…

So – how was the concert? In two words: good. LOUD. Guess it was ok at the mixing console, close to which I stood later, but more at the front of the stage, the sound volume over the whole spectrum (in my opinion, especially the higher parts) was VERY high.

They let their guest start first, which was the really sweet Becca Stevens. She presented some songs from her latest album Regina with a little help from “Maz” Maher (voc), and Michael League (b, voc) from Snarky.

And after a short break to move their stuff off the stage, Snarky played, with

Chris Bullock – tenor sax, flute, & alto flute
Mike “Maz” Maher – trumpet & flugelhorn
Justin Stanton – trumpet, Fender Rhodes, & Prophet
Bobby Sparks – organ, clavinet, Minimoog, and Motif
Zach Brock – violin
Bob Lanzetti – guitar
Michael League – bass & Moog bass
Larnell Lewis – drums
Nate Werth – percussion


1. GØ
2. Beep Box
3. Outlier
4. Thing of Gold
5. Tarova
6. Grown Folks
7. Tio Macaco
8. Young Stuff
9. Shofukan
10. Sleeper

I was pretty close to the stage until about 22:00 (10pm), after which I was out for a short cigarette break – and so I heard the rest of the concert from the entrance which was about as far from the stage as the mixer – where the sound was much more pleasing. Michael’s Markbass Casa was still pressing through his 8×10″ cabinet, but now the highs weren’t as shrill anymore. Much better.

The audience was about 1300 people, and as usual with Snarky, aged from under 20 to over 60. And also as usual, some of their greatest hits were sung by the audience, like “Thing of Gold”, or “Shofukan”, or even the only cover song of the evening, Steve Wonder’s “Always” by Becca & her band, where “Maz” turned out to be a really good vocalist as well.

Definitely a band to hear. Don’t miss them.

P.S.: Just downloaded their concert, and I’m glad I did – it’s awesome. The recorded sound must have come from the mixing console; it’s much better than it was close to the stage (and also better than at the entrance door of the hall). So if you haven’t done so already, listen to them at least on Youtube – but I can definitely also recommend that Frankfurt concert.

Oh, and by the way: if you looked at the linked photo above, did you also see the Focusrite interface on that Hammond B3? It’s a smaller version of the one I have…