I’m cool with that decision…

from Mark Shuttleworth on 5th of April, 2017, here:

“We will shift our default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.”

I didn’t like Gnome3 that much when it came out, but over time and on my Debian Jessie machine at home, it grew on me. Nowadays I find it much more usable than Unity, and I hope that Ubuntu will drop Unity’s keybindings – which are quite different from Gnome’s – as well. At work, where I am still forced to use Ubuntu instead of Debian, this would help. I’m also very much looking forward to getting rid of the many issues which only Unity has, compared to Gnome (and possibly other desktops, with which I’m not that familiar). And if Ubuntu finally looks like Debian (maybe with a bit of “polish”), then all the better for its mum 😉

So yeah, Mark, from my side at least I can applaud that decision. I might even start to like Ubuntu (I *do* like UbuntuStudio (“for creative humans”), but on that I’d also rather install Gnome than accepting the default XFCE).

As always, thanks for reading.