Classical Guitar Lessons by Bradford Werner

I found a really good guitar teacher on Youtube. His name is Bradford Werner, and he is from BC, Canada. Here is for instance his lesson about Tárrega’s “Adelita” which I showed you played by a real master in my last blog post:

This is like lesson 79 of his series, and there are far more important ones for the beginner, so if you’re interested in exploring or learning classical guitar, make sure to look at his complete Classical Guitar Lessons stream.

He also shows useful tips from other guitarists in there, in fact his whole Youtube channel is worth subscribing to, as well as having a look onto his web page.

On his lessons page, he got the order mixed up a bit, in my opinion his lesson 3 should be watched *before* his lesson 2, but otherwise this is very recommendable. What he teaches in a 15 minute video would take a whole 45 minute lesson with a real teacher – still a real teacher makes sense of course in case you are taking this seriously.

But this is fun to watch – Zuleikha laughed about his “crab” hand demonstration for instance. Bradford seems to be a very good teacher, so I recommend watching him.