Bill Laurance

Imagine something like the great trio of the late Esbjörn Svensson, together with a bit of Keith Jarrett and Jean-Luc Ponty goodness, some of the horns (and drums & bass) from Snarky Puppy, and strings and horns from an orchestra. All that together with a truly good British pianist – et voilà, you’ll get Bill Laurance.

First heard some pieces of his live concert at the Union Chapel in London, of which my favourite piece was his “Ready Wednesday”. And here’s the studio version of it, from his “Flint” album:

See the complete streams of Flint and the Union Chapel concert on the channel of the publisher, groundUPmusicNYC.

Can’t listen to the radio anymore, since years. Why? Well either because a) all of our radio stations suck, or b) I’m that far off any mainstream that this all doesn’t speak to me anymore. My opinion tho is that those who truly want to understand don’t need any words…

And this here, at least for me, is highly addictive. Dope, to use a slang word.

Anyway, as always thanks for reading. And now enjoy…